BH Cosmetics Daisy Marquez Palette Review

Shot by @charleneartistry

I wasn’t familiar with Daisy Marquez before I saw this palette but I have a long history with BH Cosmetics. If you don’t know who BH Cosmetics is, they are an affordable and high quality makeup brand that makes everything from palettes to brushes. My first purchase from them was the Carli Bybel Eyeshadow Palette (no longer sold) which is an AMAZING palette. After a couple other purchases, my last purchase from BH was another palette which wasn’t my favorite so I stopped ordering their products. Years later, that all changed when I saw this palette.

When I saw the pictures of the BH Cosmetics Daisy Marquez Eyeshadow Palette online, what drew me in was how colorful it was. Since we’re heading into spring/summertime I wanted to push all the fall neutral eyeshadow palettes out of the way and get something different. When launch day came the palette was on sale for a couple of days which made me even more curious. I saw the swatches on the website and they weren’t the most pigmented which made me hesitant at first and reminded me of the last palette I bought from BH. Despite this, I couldn’t get over the colors and price and wished for the best as I pressed the order button.

REVIEW: I’ve been playing with this eyeshadow palette every weekend and I have to say it’s my favorite eyeshadow palette of 2019 so far. The colors are so pigmented which I was relieved about. You don’t even need to spray your brush for the shimmers because they’re that good! The colors are so different yet work so well together. My favorite part of the palette is that almost every shade has a sister shade that is similar and will work well together. The palette itself is very bulky so it will take some space in your vanity/storage. I like the detachable vanity mirror that comes on the lid because it lets me blend with one hand and hold the mirror in the other while moving around my house (weird I know but I like to switch from artificial lighting to natural lighting in front of my window) I would definitely recommend getting this palette as it is beginner to expert friendly, has amazing pigmentation and super affordable!

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